Prince William just as 'smitten by babies as his wife' Kate Middleton in new video

A clip of the couple, who have three children themselves, was posted on their Instagram account. She dicussed gender and parenting with fathers in the important video.

The couple wrote the caption: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met beneficiaries of Future Men’s Fathers Programmes, which help fathers develop their confidence as parents at every stage of their child’s development.

“Future Men supports around 500 fathers – and their partners – each year.

“During lockdown they have kept in touch via virtual one to one drop-in sessions, sharing tips on how to deal with pressure, speak openly about their feelings, and continue to provide the best care for their children during challenging times.”

A body language expert analysed the couple during the video.

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“Her warm mouth smile; softened eye-smile and that slight wrinkling of her nose are all ‘tells’ that let us know she’s being shown some really cute babies.

“Kate’s role here is slightly different to William’s though and her tight hand clasp that she opens and then closes again to ask a question, announces she’s there to open the conversation and then listen.

“The puckering around William’s upper lip at the start of this chat shows he’s equally as smitten by the babies as his wife, but his body language is more empathetic with the other dads.

“His upward clutching gesture as he asks a question of the father on screen makes it look as though he’s as keen to learn as they are and his puckered brows and head tilt as he goes into listening mode shows a very active interest in the subject-matter.”

Kate appeared in the video posted to the Kensington Palace Twitter account to promote her 5 Big Questions survey.

Her hair was so shiny in the short video it was hard to ignore.

Fans were quick to write about the new look.

A fan said, as this video was revealed: “I can never concentrate on anything Kate Middleton is saying because I just want to touch her hair.”