Powerslave, the 1996 Build Engine classic, is coming back in an 'Enhanced Edition'

I’ve always been a little confused by the 1996 FPS Powerslave. It’s an Egyptian-themed shooter with the same title as Iron Maiden’s Egyptian-themed 1984 album, and for years I thought it was a Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child kind of thing, yet the two apparently have nothing to do with each other. In fact it’s not even called Powerslave in Europe—there, it’s known as Exhumed.

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(Another interesting bit of trivia: Powerslave uses 3D Realms’ Build engine, and 3DR was set to publish the DOS version of the game, although that deal eventually fell through. More than 20 years down the road, Iron Maiden sued 3D Realms for $2 million, not over the Powerslave thing but because of the more recent game Ion Maiden.)

source: gamezpot.com