Kristen Stewart Addresses the "Slippery Slope" of Only Having Gay Actors Play Gay Characters

Kristen Stewart has a nuanced take on the ongoing debate regarding LGBTQ+ characters and whether they should be off-limits for actors who identify as straight. 

The 30-year-old actress, who stars in the upcoming Hulu film Happiest Season, discussed the topic during an interview with Variety that published on Monday, Nov. 23. The film centers on Harper (Mackenzie Davis) inviting her girlfriend, Abby (Stewart), to celebrate the holidays at her parents’ home, despite Harper’s family not knowing that she is a lesbian. 

When asked whether gay characters should only be portrayed by gay actors, Stewart prefaced her response by pointing out that her career has been a fairly privileged one. 

“I think about this all the time,” the Charlie’s Angels star told Variety. “Being somebody who has had so much access to work, I’ve just lived with such a creative abundance. You know, a young white girl who was straight and only really was gay later and is, like, skinny—do you know what I’m saying? I so acknowledge that I’ve just gotten to work.”