'I'm not for sportsmen being given one' Andy Murray opens up on Lewis Hamilton knighthood

Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid welcomed tennis star Andy Murray and his mum, Judy, onto the ITV programme this morning, where the pair discussed a range of issues surrounding the world of sport. One talking point was the issue of knighthoods for sportspeople as Andy himself has picked up an OBE and did note this morning how he believed he was “not necessarily for sportspeople being given knighthoods for what we do”.

Piers asked Andy whether he believed Lewis should be knighted, telling the guest: “One of the arguments against him is he’s still racing and well, you’re still playing and you got knighted.

“What’s your view about Lewis? Seven-time world champion, do you think he deserves a knighthood? 

Andy gave a surprise response, explaining: “Yeah, I mean, I’m not necessarily for sportspeople being given knighthoods for what we do.

“But, in terms of what he’s achieved as an athlete, of course, he deserves it.”

Andy went on to compliment the seven-time World Drivers’ Championship title winner.

He added: “As a sportsperson, he’s one of the most successful sportspeople in the history of the country, he’s an amazing, amazing driver.

“He supports some great causes, as well, I would say he definitely deserves it.”

Piers interjected: “He’s an Arsenal fan as well,” leading Andy to quip back: “Yeah, that’s a good reason to give him one as well!”

However, there was something amiss about the book as it was missing its front cover.

“If you’re reading it in public you get a few dodgy looks,” Andy teased. 

Piers went on to ask about Andy’s experience of not being able to find a copy whilst he had been in an airport.

Andy responded: “I was and then I heard it was £20 and then I thought it was a bit much!”  

“You can take the man out of Scotland but you can’t take Scotland out of the man,” laughed Piers.

Not being able to resist a dig at her co-host, Susanna said to the guest: “You’re using it as a doorstop, let’s be honest!” 

When asked for a review Andy was pretty complimentary of the book which he explained he was “two-thirds of the way through”.

Andy told Piers: “It’s interesting, it’s made me think about a few things… inflammatory language which winds the wokies up, I’m sure that’s intentional!” 

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source: express.co.uk