Does your anxiety trigger IBS symptoms? How to support your digestive system

“To help the digestion during a difficult phase, consider taking a digestive enzyme supplement. I recommend Digest Gold from Enzymedica (RPR from £10.99, available to buy from and all good independent health food stores), which offers a blend of enzymes that are effective throughout the digestive tract.

“This additional boost of digestive enzymes will help to break down the food more thoroughly and allow it to pass through more easily.

“Try also to weave in some activities into your lockdown lifestyle that will help you de-stress; starting your day with a walk in the fresh air or an exercise session at home for example. Take breaks during the day and allow time at the end of the day to relax and unwind, away from your screens if possible; perhaps with a herbal tea or a hot bath.”

4. Avoid eating before bed

As we sleep, our digestive system repairs and rebuilds, ready for the next day. If we eat a meal immediately before going to bed, rather than repairing, the digestive system will have to focus on breaking down and digesting this meal and uses up a lot of energy in this process.