Google Maps Street View: 'Unsettling' giant beast spotted at US campsite in viral photo

Google Maps Street View photos can capture the attention of countless internet users when shared online. The strangest, creepiest and most entertaining regularly go viral. One Google Maps shot was recently posted on US content-sharing site Reddit.

However, it’s what’s in front of these that catches one’s eye.

There, in the shadows, is a giant dinosaur.

The green beast looks to be a Diplodocus and boasts the creature’s tell-tale long neck.

The animal appears to be staring right at the Street View camera.


What could possibly be going on here?

An examination of the Google coordinates shows the area is a campsite and RV park.

“That dinosaur would convince me to go camping there,” one Reddit user commented.

Another replied: “Opposite for me, I find its calm stoicism surprisingly unsettling.”

Street View is home to all sorts of bizarre images.

Often humans find themselves victims of awkward technical glitches.

The platform is awash with severed limbs and strange replications leaving viewers scratching their heads.

Street view launched back in May 2007.