Coronavirus vaccine: What vaccine should you have? Is one better than the other?

Which vaccine should I get?

As it currently stands, the Moderna vaccine, produced in America, offers 95 percent immunity to coronavirus.

In second place, the Pfizer vaccine originally showed 90 percent effectiveness but has now been bumped up to 95 percent.

These vaccines come with a major caveat – they both need to be stored at -70C, making distribution more difficult.

While the production of the vaccine is a remarkable triumph for scientists at Oxford and around the world, the Oxford vaccine has been found to show 70 percent protection against symptoms of COVID-19.

However, this vaccine does not need to be stored at such cold temperatures, making it much easier to distribute across the world.

What’s more, the Oxford vaccine was shown to be 90 percent effective when volunteers in the trial were given a half dose followed by a full dose.