Coronavirus symptoms: A metallic taste in the mouth could warn of a COVID infection

In a study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, presenting symptoms of COVID-19 were investigated. 

The study noted: “For many sick people with viral upper respiratory infections (URIs), the experience of eating food and perceiving flavour is often blunted either secondarily from rhinitis and resulting nasal obstruction or from direct viral injury to olfactory neuroepithelium.

“Retronasal olfaction, a combination of orthonasal smell and taste, is a sensory process that allows humans to perceive flavour, which is defined as the perception of anything beyond the five taste dimensions of food: sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami.

“A 59-year-old African–American female presented to our institution by ambulance on 29 March 2020, secondary to several days of shortness of breath, fatigue and loss of appetite.

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