Coronavirus live news: Oxford vaccine has up to 90% efficacy; Russia suffers worst daily caseload increase

This is really encouraging news on the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine that, obviously, we’ve been backing since the start.

And I’m really very pleased, really welcome these figures, this data, that show that the vaccine in the right dosage can be up to 90% effective.

Of course, it’s vital that the independent regulator, the MHRA, will need to look at the data, will need to check to make sure that it’s effective and safe, of course.

But we’ve got 100m doses on order and, should all that go well, the bulk of the rollout will be in the new year.

And, of course, this vaccine, this homegrown vaccine, is easier to administer as well than the Pfizer vaccine because it doesn’t need to be stored at -70C. So, having two vaccines that appear to have effectiveness, done right, in the 90% range is really, really good news.