Shane Richie broke down in tears over Alfie Moon job offer: ’It just went mental’

Shane continued: “So I’ve gone in and Tony Jordan who created the Slaters was a big fan of John Sullivan (Only Fools and Horses) and he always wanted to create The Trotters but in

The moment of his big break couldn’t have come at a better time as  Shane revealed that he had been bankrupt at the time. 

“So I kept coming back but still no idea what was going on. So we go on holiday, I’m bankrupt because of this film I’d invested in, I’ve got nothing, I’m selling the house, no work. The phone goes and it’s my manager and he goes EastEnders want you. 

“I started getting teary and he told me about this character called Alfie Moon and in my first episode I’d be coming in and taking over the Queen Vic, I started crying.”