Kate Middleton and Prince William compatibility: Are they a perfect match?

Both William and Kate were born to be in the public eye, Francesca thinks.

She said: “They were both born on eclipses, with Kate born two hours before a Lunar Eclipse and Prince William born eight hours after a solar eclipse.

“This means they were both born to be in the limelight, there’s a sense of destiny and fate.

“Kate’s lunar eclipse Moon falls in Prince William’s relationship sector in his seventh house, and they have exactly the same Mars in Libra.”

Considering that there are only two lunar eclipses a year at most, and two to five solar eclipses, it is strange that so many famous people and royals were born at the same time.

Meghan Markle was born around an eclipse and Prince Charles’ marriages were on total eclipses, for example.

source: express.co.uk