In This Season 2 Trailer, Pennyworth Continues to Look Nothing Like a Show Related at All to Batman

Alfred is cool.

Alfred is cool.
Image: Epix

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This looks fun. But also… what is it? I still am not sure I truly follow the logic at play here.

Pennyworth, an Epix television series dedicate to chronicling the life of Alfred Pennyworth before he became a mild-mannered butler for the Wayne family, is returning for a second season, and in this new trailer it continues to look stylish, fun, and absolutely baffling. Watch a young Alfred be cool as hell while running a black-market hangout, sipping a stiff drink, foiling a massive neo-fascist revolution in Great Britain… You know, normal, everyday parts of the Batman backstory.

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To be fair, we know some more Bat-stuff is going to find its way here eventually. We’re even getting Baby Bats! But in the meantime we’re also getting some really neat-looking, super stylish spy action with sprinkling of the Waynes here and there for good measure. Looks fun. Doesn’t look like it has anything to do with Batman. But that’s fine; this is Alfred’s time to shine.

Pennyworth season 2 doesn’t have a firm release date as of yet.

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