Love Letter: Swapping Roles With Grandma

Many grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren and that is true for Rachael Cusick, the writer of this week’s Modern Love essay. Ms. Cusick was 6 when her mother died of cancer. Her 65-year-old grandmother quickly became a surrogate parent to her and her four siblings. Years later, when her grandmother’s doctors found a tumor in her kidney, it was Ms. Cusick’s turn to put on a brave face and step into the supportive role that her grandmother once held.

Yoelvis Valdez and Anabel Santeliz, who met in 2012, said their decision to get married was the easy part of their journey together. Despite a hurricane that ruined their proposal plans, the pandemic that caused them to postpone their wedding and the groom’s recovery from a rare form of cancer, this couple faced every obstacle with one goal in mind: to make it down the aisle. On Oct. 23, in a friend’s backyard, they finally had their long-awaited wedding.

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Thanksgiving is upon us, but for many of us, large family gatherings are out of the question this year. While technology could never replace the joy of connecting with family, friends and loved ones in person, here’s how to digitally reimagine the holiday, with all the traditions you love, and a few new ones.

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