Trump targets Michigan as Biden remains winner in Georgia – live updates

President’s legal efforts against election result continue as US records highest every daily Covid case rise

  • Joe Biden confirmed as Georgia winner after recount
  • Trump’s election legal challenges: where do things stand?
  • Biden: Trump is one of ‘most irresponsible presidents in American history’
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10.39am GMT

Dr Anthony Fauci spoke at the coronavirus task force press briefing yesterday, marking his first appearance at the White House podium in months. Fauci has repeatedly displeased the Trump administration by contradicting the president’s upbeat message on Covid with a more sober facts-driven assessment of the state of the pandemic in the US. Prior to his election defeat, Trump threatened to fire him.

Yesterday the infectious disease expert moved to allay concerns about the speed with which the coronavirus vaccine has been developed, and implored Americans to continue basic public health measures until it is rolled out.

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10.35am GMT

California is imposing a nighttime curfew as its coronavirus figures soar. However it will lean heavily on voluntary compliance – and sheriffs of some counties have already said they won’t enforce it.

What officials are calling a limited stay-at-home order requires people who are not on essential errands to stay home from 10pm to 5am starting Saturday. The order will last until 21 December but could be extended if disease trends don’t improve, report the Associated Press.

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