How to Choose a Laptop

The replacement of notebook computers is getting faster. We can see it on the revival of AMD chips in particular. So we are in an era of the diversified development of laptops. How to choose a right laptop?

Laptops have to types: game laptop and light laptops. The game laptop has strong performance and heavy volume. But thee laptops cost more. Light and thin laptop: The performance is lower than that of the game laptop. But the workmanship is good and the volume is light and thin. There are some versatile laptops that have both the performance of game laptops and the volume of light and thin books.

AMD and Intel are the two major manufacturers of notebook computer processors. MagicBook 14 and 15 sold by Glory Notebook and Professional Edition. All three laptops have AMD processors. AMD processors and Intel processors are the same. Prefixes R7, R5 and R3 are similar to Intel’s i7, i5 and i3. We can regard the middle number as algebra. 550 is of performance level. Suffixes H and U are the same as Intel’s H and U. At the same time, processors with AMD are more cost-effective than laptops with Intel processors. The later laptop is a major advantage laptops with AMD chips. At the same time, HONOR notebook computers have brought this advantage into full play. The use of AMD chips enables notebook computers to have ultra-high performance without losing other products of the same price. This is one of the reasons why consumers like HONOR notebook computers.

GPU is graphics card. It has two types. They are integrated graphics card and discrete graphics card. Integrated graphics card integrates graphics card into CPU. This type of graphics card has weak performance and can meet daily use requirements. But we can not use it to run large games. But discrete graphics cards have powerful performance. And it can run large-scale software or large-scale games. The manufacturers of discrete graphics cards include NVIDIA and AMD. But in the field of notebook computer graphics cards, NVIDIA occupies a big markets. The usage rate of AMD graphics cards is increasing. HONOR has the MagicBook laptop for sale. This kind of laptop is equipped with AMD graphics cards. The matching of AMD processors makes the performance of notebook computers no worse than that of notebook computers of the same level. It is extremely cost-effective.

In terms of memory, today’s notebook computers have 8G of memory. It is enough for daily notebook computers. Moreover, if you feel that there is not enough memory space, you can install memory chips yourself. It is very convenient.

Hard disks have two types. They are mechanical hard disks and solid-state hard disks. Laptops equipped with solid-state hard disks can improve the running speed and start-up speed of notebook computers.

At last, in terms of screen, the common resolution is 1920*1080p. In terms of color gamut, the higher the color gamut, the richer the color will be. The refresh rate of the screen is 50 HZ, which requires higher refresh rate for game players.

After understanding your own needs and budget, you can screen according to the corresponding conditions.