Gemini celebrities: Which celebrities are Gemini?

Geminis is a fixed and mutable sign of the zodiac. Gemini people are known for being very outgoing, intelligent and individual. They are friendly, open-minded, social butterflies who love to share ideas and information. Gemini is symbolised by the twins, and like the symbol Gemini people are thought to have two sides to them. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are two-faced, it could mean that they have duality. Geminis seem as if they have two totally opposite or polarising personalities. Which celebrities are Gemini?

Gemini people may come across as inconsistent, but really they just love to be free-moving.

Geminis love to socialise and meet new people – they are very curious and like to keep busy.

Like the other air signs, Gemini is very witty and clever.

Plenty of musicians, political leaders, athletes, actresses and models are Geminis. But who?

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