Xbox Series X load times vs. Xbox One X vs. Xbox Series S vs. Xbox One


Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The Xbox Series X and Series S are incredible next-generation consoles with graphics technology that far surpasses what is available on the current generation. That’s somewhat expected for a new console generation, but what’s a bit different this time is that Microsoft, and Sony with its PlayStation 5, have included solid-state drives in their new consoles. 

Previous to this new generation of consoles, most modern consoles have shipped with much slower hard drives since the original Xbox in 2001. SSDs are essentially much faster than traditional hard drives at loading data. So we thought we’d compare the loading speeds of last generation’s Xboxes to the now current generation. 

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A little context: All of the times below were from loading a saved game from their respective campaigns, except for Doom Eternal. Those times were from starting a brand-new campaign. Also, as you’ll see, the Series S loads slightly slower than the Series X, despite the fact that they have the exact same SSDs inside. This most likely has to do with the fact that the Series X’s CPU — which contributes in decompressing data — is slightly faster than the Series S’s. 

Xbox Series X vs. One X vs. Series S vs. One

Xbox Series X Xbox Series S Xbox One X Xbox One
COD: Black Ops Cold War 13 seconds 13 seconds 51 seconds 74 seconds
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 23 seconds 25 seconds 54 seconds 62 seconds
Doom Eternal 6 seconds 6 seconds 23 seconds 25 seconds
Divinity 2: Original Sin 17 seconds 23 seconds 46 seconds 75 seconds
Watchdogs Legion 24 seconds 25 seconds 67 seconds 68 seconds