Grey's Anatomy Promises Another Surprise Return As Meredith Fights For Her Life

Well that was not quite the follow-up we were anticipating. 

Grey’s Anatomy continued its MerDer reunion this week, but only sort of, and mostly only at the very end. The actual most interesting thing that happened in this episode ended up happening in the promo, which promised “another person from her past returns” in the next episode. They barely gave us Patrick Dempsey before throwing somebody else in there, but we will take it. We’ll take it all!

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), as expected, is sick with COVID-19. At first, she thought she was well enough to go quarantine in a hotel instead of taking up a hospital room, but then she tried to take a couple steps and passed out on the floor again, as she did in last week’s episode. 

Once again, she ended up on her dream beach trying to get to Derek, but he was too far away. She tried to run and got nowhere, and he told her it was because she cared about her kids. Then she fell face-first into the sand and we felt like we were fever-dreaming.