Lucifer season 7 release date: Will the show continue past season 6?

Lucifer season 5B is expected to be released on Netflix soon and season six is currently being filmed. This comes after the show was brought back from cancellation earlier this year for another outing. However, some fans will be curious to know whether there will be a seventh season of the devilish drama as well.

Will there be a Lucifer season 7?

As fans of Lucifer will know, the show has been saved from cancellation twice already.

The series was initially axed at FOX after season three before Netflix brought it back.

Then earlier this year, it was announced the show will not actually end with season five.

Instead, it is coming back for a sixth series on the platform, which will act as the final outing.

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“But what we realize now is, this is us sticking the landing, and it’s really, really exciting.”

Modrovich added: “And Lucifer getting six seasons – it just sounds right.”

As well as this, Lucifer Morningstar actor Tom Ellis has confirmed he will not come back after season six.

He told Kings of Con: The Podcast: “Six seasons of the show is a real achievement.

“It’s been a huge emotional journey and I don’t think I want to do any more.

“I know I don’t want to do any more. Mainly because I wanna know that we’re ending and because I’ve had such a great time.

“I think it’s only fitting that we have a proper ending to the show.”

Before fans are too devastated, there have been some suggestions the show could continue in another form.