KFC Christmas menu: What's on KFC's Christmas menu and when is it available?

For many people, it’s not really Christmas until their favourite brands and restaurants start releasing Christmas food fit for the festive period. And KFC is no exception. Don’t worry about missing out on your favourite festive treats because of the lockdown this year as a variety of takeaway and delivery options means Christmas treats are still on the cards.

KFC has already announced the addition of a new gravy burger as part of its Christmas menu this year.

Ideal for gravy fans, the new burger features original recipe chicken, an all-new crispy hash brown, gravynaise (gravy mayonnaise) and KFC’s world-famous gravy.

The hash brown has been specially designed to act as a gravy boat and soak up all the delicious sauce.

The fried chicken giant is adding three gravy-themed sharing buckets to its selection as well, with a mixture of chicken combos to choose from.

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KFC will also have two Gravy Double buckets on this year’s Christmas menu.

Each one contains six pieces of Original Recipe chicken, one regular popcorn chicken, four bags of chips, four sides of gravy, plus a drink.

Customers will then need to choose to add either eight hot wings or six mini fillets to their bucket.

Finally, there is a Gravy Triple bucket which comes with both the eight hot wings and six mini fillets.

When is the KFC Christmas menu available?

The entire KFC Christmas menu is available from Monday, November 16, until January 3.

Despite the lockdown, KFC restaurants remain open for takeaway, click and collect, drive-through and home delivery across England.

Home delivery can easily be ordered through Deliveroo, but keep in mind customers without Deliveroo Plus will have to fork out a delivery fee depending on how close you live to the restaurant.

Click and collect is free and it doesn’t cost any extra to use the drive-through.

KFC has about 900 restaurants across the UK. You can find your closest branch by using the store finder. 

source: express.co.uk

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