Pumpkin Jack Review (Gaming Evolution)

First and foremost, I got to hand it to Nicolas Meyssonnier, a one-man developer who was able to put together this entertaining experience. Through a partnership with publisher Headup Games, was able to bring this experience to a multitude of platforms. If you are like me, Pumpkin Jack will give you vibes of other action 3D platformers like Jersey Devil, Jak & Daxter and MediEvil, which dominated the early years of PlayStation. Taking place in the uneventful kingdom of Arc En Ciel; not be confused with the game of similar name… TOMARUNNER VS L’Arc en Ciel, the Devil decides to have a little fun and conjures up a curse that would plunge the kingdom into despair. To combat this, the King puts his all-powerful wizard to work in order to defend the kingdom from hordes of monsters and ghouls. Not being outdone, the Devil one ups the King by unleashing his own champion to combat the Wizard: Pumpkin Jack.

source: gamezpot.com

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