Carol Vorderman: Countdown star saddened by death of 'King' Des O’Connor 'He was a joy'

Carol Vorderman, 59, shared that she was left heartbroken after news this morning that her former Countdown colleague and friend Des O’Connor had died in his sleep. The BBC Radio Wales host divulged that the TV legend had “always” wanted to entertain people and would make her “cry laughing”.

Carol tweeted: “RIP Des O’Connor. So sad this morning to hear that darling Des has passed away.

“He was the host of Countdown for a couple of years and was a joy to work with.

“ Lively, funny,  he ALWAYS wanted to entertain people.  I will remember him most tho for his brilliant chat shows…

“In the days when families would gather round the telly to watch, Des O’Connor was the King.

“We’d cry laughing when Freddie Starr would pretend to be behaving and things would go badly wrong. 

“Des will surely be entertaining the angels now. Rest In Peace & Laughter my friend,” she finished.


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