UK holidays: British campervan owners can rent out their vehicles for money – here’s how

According to the site, campervan owners can earn up to an average of £8,043 per year.

This estimate is based on nightly prices and occupation rates throughout the year.

Motorhome owners can rent out their vehicles for as much as £10,385 per year.

Customers can fill out a form on Indie Campers’ website and find out how much they can make by including their vehicle type and year.

People determine how much they make each day of leasing their campervans or motorhomes.

The site reads: “Our dedicated support crew has the ground experience and is regularly available to support you to set a rate to match interest in your area.”

People can list their campervans on Indie Campers’ marketplace.

Indie Campers brands itself a “premium marketplace” which means they market good quality vehicles.

The site said they market “good quality vehicles, without too many km’s, not too old, safety measures in place, good interior, high-quality photos, simple and good overall owner’s coordination processes, like the Airbnb of campervans.”

The site added: “Anyone who has a UK-registered van, in a good, road-worthy condition and with a valid MOT certificate can sign their van up to be rented out on our marketplace.”


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