Coronavirus may CANCEL Christmas across Europe as Ireland tells expats not to come home

Leo Varadkar has warned that Irish ex-pats will not be allowed to return home for Christmas this year, although some furious ex-pats have vowed they will make the journey home anyway. He warned Irish citizens not to book flights home over the festive period. Conor Moroney, an Irishman living in London, told the Irish Times: “I have my flights booked and will be coming home this year for Christmas.

“Leo Varadkar’s recent comments were deflection tactics.

“With no strategy, plan or fresh thinking as to how the country moves forward in ‘living with the virus’ please excuse me if I take responsibility for my own life decisions now.

“See you in December.”

Another Irish citizen who lives in London and was planning to come home in December added: “Have already booked flights.

“It’s been an incredibly tough year and I haven’t seen family since last Christmas.

“I live alone in a small flat in London with no outside space and the thought of Christmas is all that is keeping me going from a mental health perspective.

“I plan on isolating for 10 days and getting tested here before I go home and then will isolate for a further 5 days and get tested in Ireland before seeing family.”

Irish comedian Jarlath Regan also said he would do “whatever it takes” to get back home.

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Ireland’s chief medical officer Tony Holohan has stated Christmas travel is “non-essential”.

Many other countries in Europe are imposing similar restrictions.

These include France, Germany, and Sweden all of which have warned of travel restrictions over Christmas.

The restrictions will include a possible ban on large gatherings and prohibiting relatives from traveling long distances to meet their loved ones.

The Netherlands has said it might prohibit the sale of New Year fireworks.