The Crown season 4 location: Where is The Crown filmed? Where's it set?

Buckingham Palace shots were also filmed at Wilton House in Wiltshire, and Waddesdon Manor.

The creators had a difficult time trying to find the right set for Thatcher’s household, until they came across the Aylesbury Estate in London.

Mark Walledge, Supervising Locations Manager, said: “This season saw the introduction of the Thatcher years. The script focused on the events surrounding Michael Fagan and his eventual visit to Buckingham Palace.

“The background to his world and the events of those times required a suitable 80’s vision. Given the constant redevelopment of London’s inner-city estates, we were quite limited in terms of establishing his world. Luckily for us, the Aylesbury Estate and surrounds, in South London, whilst awaiting demolition, provided some perfect locations.”

The Thatcher Home was a created using a mixture of studio-built sets and a townhouse in Radnor Place, Westminster.

Scotland was also used as a filming location for some of Diana’s scenes in the upcoming season.


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