Ozark fans spot ‘blatant’ Truman Show nod in key Wendy and Ben scene: ‘Ironic homage’

Wendy Byrde (played by Laura Linney) has been on quite the journey during her time on Ozark. Initially introduced to the Netflix series as the cheating wife to money laundering genius Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman), Wendy has gone from being a passive sidekick to a scheming, ambitious and somewhat murderous criminal herself. This is none more exhibited than in the heartbreaking storyline with her brother Ben (Tom Pelphrey) but upon a rewatch of the show, one fan had their eye caught by something else between the brother and sister duo.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Ozark seasons 1-3.

As the third season of Ozark approached its dramatic finale, it became clear Ben’s position with his sister’s family had become untenable.

In the penultimate episode of the season, therefore, Wendy took the drastic step to sacrifice her own sibling for the good of the cartel.

After he’d blown the entire criminal operation to wicked lawyer Helen Pierce’s (Janet McTeer) daughter Erin (Madison Thompson), Wendy drove Ben to an isolated diner where hitman Nelson (Nelson Bonilla) did the rest.

However, before she did so, the two shared a number of poignant moments together during the car journey.

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And it’s one of these conversations Wendy shared with her brother prior to his death that may have planted a sneaky nod to Linney’s previous role on The Truman Show.

The Easter egg supposedly came with Wendy and Ben parked outside a supermarket and ate some dinner.

“You could’ve been a big deal,” Ben tells his sister as they reminisce, prompting her to reply: “I could still be a big deal.”

Wendy then takes a slurp from her takeaway drinks container, as Ben says: “You could still be a big deal. This is America (laughs).”

And it didn’t take long for fans to weigh in with the thoughts on the supposed Easter egg.

“I noticed the product placement,” agreed another fan. “But weirdly felt it was kind of in character for the Byrdes. 

“They are very much the embodiment of capitalism and justify themselves because it is business.”

While another pointed out it could’ve been a nod to Bateman’s role on Arrested Development.

“I figured it was a homage to Arrested Development. ‘It’s a wonderful restaurant!’” They opined.

It wouldn’t be the first time fans are convinced they spotted a nod to one of Ozark’s stars’ previous roles.

A number of fans were convinced Marty rolling his sleeve over his hand to clean therapist Sue’s (Marylouise Burke) apartment of fingerprints was an obvious nod to a scene Bateman starred in during Horrible Bosses alongside Charlie Day.

Ozark is available to stream on Netflix now.

source: express.co.uk

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