Bowel cancer: Tenesmus is a major warning sign of the deadly disease – what is it?

In a study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, tenesmus as a sign for bowel cancer was further investigated.

The study noted: “Abdominal pain in colorectal cancer is nonspecific.

“It can be colicky in nature if the lesion is causing a partial obstruction. Otherwise, it can just be constant localized or generalized pain.

“In the former instance, a localized perforation has to be considered, whereas peritonitis associated with a perforation must be considered in the latter.

“Tenesmus or the feeling of having to defecate without having stools, pain upon defecation, or sciatica can be symptoms of rectal cancer.

“Sciatica is an ominous symptom, signifying locally advanced rectal cancer with major neural involvement by the tumour.”

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