Motorola One Zoom Review | The Ultimate One?

Review of Motorola’s One Zoom smartphone, the most premium Moto One handset boasting a quad-lens camera, OLED screen and stock Android OS. It’s not an Android One mobile confusingly, unlike the Vision and Action, but it’s a step up in terms of features, specs, performance and battery life. Not to mention that versatile camera tech.

I’ve fully reviewed Motorola’s optics in another video (as there’s a lot to talk about), while this video focuses on the rest of the phone. This is almost a new Moto flagship thanks to the dependable performance, gorgeous display, attractive design elements and other features. Of course, the One Zoom also costs more than its siblings, with a £429 UK asking price (and about the same in dollars for US customers).

Go check out my full unboxing for a tour of the UI and the main features, and my Moto One Zoom camera review to see how the 4 lens setup translates to solid photo and video quality. Are you tempted by Motorola’s latest smartphone? It’s certainly their best of 2019 so far.

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