The West Wing: How many series of The West Wing were there?

The series was inspired by the film The American President from 1995, in which Sheen was cast as the White House Chief of Staff.
Sheen, who is now 80, spoke back in 2013 about the series and whether the series had encouraged many people to get more involved in American politics.
He said: “I can’t say for sure that we had any influence at all on young people’s choices or political involvement. From my own part, I’m a registered Democrat and I vote for any number of candidates, including Mr Obama.
“I don’t think change really starts at the top, I think real leadership is those people who started at grassroots movement, who went through a great deal of sacrifice and suffering, and paid a heavy price, and they were able to transcend their suffering into leadership.”
Fans were thrilled to hear the original cast were coming together for the special episode in October, and they have been binging their way through the seven seasons on All 4.


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