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Greatest Apple Watch screen protectors
So, does your Apple Watch actually need a screen protector? If yours is stainless steel, then the solution is most likely no: its sapphire crystal glass is remarkably tough and very scratch-resistant.
For aluminum Apple Watch models, things aren’t so clear-cut: that the Ion-X glass is pretty tough, but we found our watch soon accumulated lots of little scratches. They weren’t enough to frighten us in everyday use, but they did influence the resale value.
Smashes are, however. Should you really damage your display and you have got AppleCare, Apple will replace the screen twice.

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Even in case you have AppleCare, it’s better to not have to pay the fee: protecting your watch from damage is less expensive than fixing it after damage has occurred. Even the costliest option here is a fraction of the purchase price of an Apple Watch display repair.
If you would like to maintain your watch pristine and secure, there are 3 chief alternatives. You will find plastic screen protectors, very much like smartphone ones, in which you peel off the backing, stick to the display and push the bubbles out.
These are by far the least expensive screen protectors you can purchase, and while they can be a tiny bit fiddly to fit — getting them onto your watch without leaving any bubbles requires patience and a bit of skill — they do an adequate job of standing around regular scrapes and bumps.
If you’d rather add something a bit tougher, a tempered glass protector is be a better option. These are far more difficult to fit since they’re not as flexible or as pliable as vinyl.
Also consider that the cheaper aluminium Apple Watch is actually a good deal less likely to obvious scratches compared to the fancier stainless steel variant concerning human anatomy (if not screen, as mentioned above).
While you may assume the steel is harder and tougher, it is really softer than the aluminum used in the entry-level model. Then there’s the finish to consider. Like the back casing of iPods Classics, the steel Apple Watch includes a super-shiny chrome finish that shows off scratches very easily. It almost seems like the little guy is proud of the things.
Finally, if you are thinking about security, then you will find instances that surround the entire watch. Inevitably, they include mass – and a few models are dreadful.
Most protective cases are not watertight or airtight, so they will frequently get steamy at the gym or will let in water when you swim. That does not influence your watch but does make it difficult to see the screen.
These are products which we haven’t had in our test labs, but depending on our experts’ view and understanding of the most reputable brands round, we think these are worth looking at.

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