Looking for furnished rooms in Manhattan: Consider these factors

Being one of America’s business hubs, Manhattan is also a significant draw for people looking for furnished apartments. If you are moving to Manhattan, NYC, then you have landed on the right webpage. By the end of this article, you can pick the furnished apartments in Manhattan that give you the homely vibe!

Finding furnished rooms for rent in Manhattan is a daunting task! The situation gets worse when you have just moved to Manhattan. There have been many scenarios where people shared that they were scammed – where they paid for furnished rooms but got into non-furnished ones.

Do you want to rent any place in Manhattan?

Well, your apartment hunting can get less stressful if you know the rights things to look for. So let’s narrow down the factors that might help you get the perfect furnished rental rooms in Manhattan!

When you are looking for an apartment for rent, especially in Manhattan, you might face some problems in finding an economically feasible room. When searching for rental spaces in Manhattan, NYC, it gets even more challenging to find a furnished room in a decent area at a reasonable price. 

Factors to Narrow Down the Search for Rental Apartments!

The following is a list of factors you should keep in mind when looking for a room in Manhattan, NYC.

● Beware of scammers.

Reading the title, you must be wondering, are there scammers in NYC as well? Yes, even in NYC, there are a lot of scammers ready to trap new visitors. Whether you are in Manhattan to meet someone, you should always be aware of which rental services you should trust for work purposes or planning to live there. As I told you earlier, we received many complaints that people paid for a furnished room but ended up getting low-quality service. Even some rooms were not furnished at all. 

● There are always brokerage services available.

If you have extra money to spend in Manhattan, NYC, there are always well-reputed brokerage services. These brokerage services help you in finding the great rooms you would like the most. But if you don’t have the luxury to spend on these brokerage services, you don’t have to worry as I’ll cover other factors, which will help you find the best rooms for rent in Manhattan. 

● Use of technology for finding furnished rooms.

Technology has revolutionized and benefited the world in many unique ways. One of the benefits is real-estate and free rental service providing websites. There are many websites and apps available where you can find furnished rooms for rent in Manhattan. For instance, you can use SharedEasy. You can see the details on the internet and then have a one-on-one discussion with the renter; then, you can pay for the room you choose. If you like, then you can also visit the rooms and select them according to your orientation. If you are in doubt whether a room for rent is the right option for you, have a look at other rental options on https://sharedeasy.club/rooms-for-rent-in-manhattan/.

● Furnished rooms are always expensive.

In Manhattan, it becomes challenging to find a furnished room in your budget. The rent for these rooms may vary in different places, but it is still challenging to find the space according to your budget. Sometimes it could take you days searching furnished rooms for rent in Manhattan, and it can exhaust you too. Hence, it will be best to make your mind accordingly because you will find furnished rooms really expensive.

● Dorms are always cheaper.

If it matches your orientation, you can live in a dorm instead of renting a room. Dorms can be the best choice for you if you are a student in Manhattan, but if you plan to live for a more extended period, you can rent furnished rooms as they will better suit you. In most of the apartments that provide rental rooms, you’ll have to pay for only those services you use. 

● In Manhattan, you have to pay only for the services you use.

Whether the services are food-related, cleaning services, or laundry related, they all are billed according to your usage. If you are going to live in Manhattan, but you know that you’ll be outside the home most of the time, it’ll benefit you in that way. Whereas, in the case of dorms, you’ll have to pay for all the services, nevertheless of their usage under the billing period. That’s also why some people consider furnished rooms for rent in Manhattan instead of dorms. 

● Rental flexibility.

Furnished apartments are generally advertised as short-term rentals. It means that if you are an employee who has to relocate often, or if you are a student who is going to live less than a year in the city, furnished rooms for rent in Manhattan can offer the best choice for you. In this case, you’ll not have to move the furniture with you as you’ll be living in a furnished room in Manhattan. 

● Furnished rooms will always be more expensive than unfurnished rooms.

You will be renting a room and renting its furniture as well, which will cost you more. On the contrary, the rents for unfurnished rooms are generally low. 

● The room’s furniture will need extra care.

After renting a furnished room, you’ll have to be careful that you don’t spill coffee on the couch or your beloved pet doesn’t scratch it as it comes with extra costs. There will be additional costs for it, in addition to the higher rent you already paid.


It will always cost you more when moving to an expensive city like Manhattan. The factors I told you above should help you in many ways while choosing a furnished room for rent in Manhattan.

You can consult a brokerage service for easing yourself as there are many well-reputed brokerage services available in Manhattan.

If you don’t have the luxury, then you can find rooms on the internet as well because hundreds of ads relating to this category are being posted every day on the internet, demanding short-term rents for the rooms as well long-term.

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