How Amanda Stanton Celebrates Merry Little Moments This Holiday Season

Grab your ornaments, candy canes and favorite Starbucks® holiday coffee because it’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! And even though this holiday season might look a little different than past, Amanda Stanton is proving that there are still plenty of reasons to be merry.

Amanda’s first piece of advice? Celebrate the little things, like the joyful feeling of starting your day with your favorite cup of coffee. Amanda shares, “There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning and having your house smell like coffee. I like to switch it up between Starbucks® Holiday Blend and Peppermint Mocha,” both of which are available in either K-Cup pods or bags of roast and ground. Amanda adds peppermint creamer to create a simple yet delicious morning treat. When she’s feeling extra festive, she’ll top it off with some whipped cream to further get into the holiday spirit.

Secondly, Amanda suggests embracing the unexpected and turning holiday mishaps into new traditions. Amanda reflects on her own holiday memory that didn’t exactly start off as planned.

“My parents were visiting me for Christmas. It was my first time ever making a turkey … it overflowed in the oven, it was a huge mess. We ended up just going to get Chinese food. It was a total fail, but we now have a new family tradition of getting Chinese food on Christmas.”

Just like she and her family did, Amanda encourages fans to make their own merry little moments during the holidays, whether it’s video chatting with family, cooking a turkey for the first time or even just enjoying your favorite cup of Starbucks® coffee.