Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising - PC

Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising – PC

Price: $7.99
(as of Nov 08,2020 15:24:25 UTC – Details)

Your Blood Ravens have saved the sector, but can they save themselves? In THQ Inc. and Relic Entertainment’s sequel to the acclaimed Dawn of War II real time strategy franchise, you return to sub sector Aurelia where a long lost frozen ice planet has reappeared from the Warp, bringing with it new secrets to uncover and foes to face.

This expansion allows you to continue your fight against the enemies of the Emperor and use your squads’ wargear, abilities, and experience to battle Chaos in 15 new missions.
New ice planet graphics set increases visual diversity and adds 7 new multiplayer maps while six-player online multiplayer and a raised level cap of 30 allows for even more glory and devastating abilities.
New single player mechanic allows you to equip incredibly powerful equipment that corrupts your squad and will guide the story towards or away from the corrupting influence of Chaos.
Swear loyalty to the Chaos Gods and play as the bloodthirsty Chaos Space Marines in multiplayer battles against both Chaos Rising and Dawn of War II owners.

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