UK holidays: How to experience 'van life' before investing in a campervan or motorhome

This year has been an unusual year for the travel industry due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fewer people took to the skies and instead decided to travel domestically. While airlines and some international travel companies have struggled, the trend has seen some companies thrive.

With more and more people working from home or at least for the foreseeable future, and people not being able to travel as much this year, Ms Hembre explained that this is a way for people to travel within the current restrictions.

She continued: “This could be a good way for people to, within the current restrictions, within the time they have, to have totally new experiences but in a totally different way.

“So basically, it’s a way to make sure people can get out and see new places either in Europe or domestically.”

She described the opportunity as “long-term slow travel”.

Ms Dsouza said that there has been a surge in interest in “van life” but that many don’t want to invest straight away in a campervan.

“The interest in van life has increased and a lot of people are contemplating buying a campervan,” she explained.

She continued: “Instead of buying – it’s a massive investment to buy a motorhome – people like us who are aspiring and want to work from anywhere, they can get into the subscription model and take a van for at least two months and see if they like it and then make an investment.

In locations such as London and Edinburgh, a campervan subscription will cost around £993 per month (£32.02 per night) on the

annual plan and from £1,054 per month on the monthly subscription.

Although it comes with a hefty price tag, when comparing this with how much the average household spends each month, it works out to be relatively affordable.

According to personal finance website NimbleFins, on average UK households spent £586 per week (£2,538 a month) to cover living expenses in 2019.

This includes transport, food, clothes and rent or mortgage payments.