Mechanics of the Slots RTP Explored

Players are always looking for different things when they choose a slot game. It might be  the theme, the graphics and animations, the jackpot size, or the bonuses available.  One of the most important elements to look at when choosing a slot to play at Easy Slots’ is the RTP – return to player. Read on to find out what this is, how it works, and why it is so important.

What Is The RTP?

The RTP stands for return to player, and it is a percentage of how likely it is you will get your money back when playing. So, obviously, the greater the RTP the more opportunity you are going to have of winning in the long term, or to be more accurate, the less you’ll lose. Knowing this figure for every slot game you play will help you to determine which title is worth playing and which is not. Online games are must publish the RTP stats for every slot, and the RTP might actually be mentioned within the info area of the name in question.

The RTP is determined like this: RTP = (total amount returned to players) / (total amount bet by players)

The RTP figure is an overall percentage, and it doesn’t mean that, for example, if the game has an RTP of 96 percent and you put in £100, you are sure to get £96 back again. Bear this in mind when you are thinking of how much you are going to bet and potentially lose.

If you want to find a simple way to pick a game to play, finding one with a high RTP is a good idea. It offers more chance of winning, although as mentioned above that isn’t guaranteed.  Slot games are actually governed by a random number generator, and eventually it’s this which decides in case you are going to win, and just how much.

Why RTP is Higher in Online Casinos

You may not have noticed or even thought about it, but it does appear that online slots have a better RTP – on average – than traditional physical slots. It’s not uncommon for an online slot to have an RTP in the high 90s, whereas a traditional game’s RTP could be in the 80s. Why is this?

Often it’s because there is so much competition online. Developers make games with much higher RTPs so more people will play them. It’s as simple as that.


So what have we learnt about RTPs? Well, very simply, the higher the RTP percentage, the better chance you have of winning. Although, of course, it doesn’t mean you actually will.

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