Anton Du Beke's text from Ann Widdecombe about Jacqui Smith following Strictly 2020 exit

Craig said at the time: “I thought you had actually severed your Achilles tendon darling through that. You were limping around lost at a party somewhere drunk; it was a good idea of yours to get her on that swing.”

Jeremy remarked: “Funnily enough you can dine out on that for years because a putdown from Craig is a precious thing, isn’t it?”

“Indeed,” Jacqui replied. “He is the pantomime baddy of the whole Strictly experience.

“He’s obviously never seen me at a party. I give it some welly when I’ve had a few drinks around my handbag. He’s welcome to come to a party with me and see how different I am.”

Tonight, the remaining celebrity contestants will perform to the soundtracks of some of the biggest films and television.

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