Alone in the Dark - PC

Alone in the Dark – PC

Price: $6.99
(as of Nov 06,2020 07:52:26 UTC – Details)

They said Central Park was for the people… theylied.Product InformationCentral Park was not built as a haven for the people of New York but forsomething else entirely.  Now the truth can no longer be contained. In one apocalyptic night Edward Carnby must fight the unimaginable to revealthe earth-shattering secret of Central Park.  New York will never be thesame again!The game that started the popular survival horror genre returns better thanever! Players control Edward Carnby the main character from the original Alonein the Dark on a thrilling journey through a dark and terrifying re-creation ofNew York’s Central Park where Carnby must discover the truth behind a darkconspiracy.  Alone in the Dark will provide a plete next-generationaction packed experience within a highly detailed free roaming environmentfeaturing a mixture of real-time physics and full environmental interaction. Thegame will mark a new beginning for the Alone in the Dark series.With inspiration from the presentation style of popular action TV dramas Alonein the Dark will be split into a number of distinct episodes. With approximately30-40 minutes of gameplay prising each episode the structure of Alone in theDark pulls you into world that delivers a fiercely gripping and terrifyingexperience. Each time the player launches a saved game the episode will beginwith a video summary of the previous episode to quickly re-immerse the player inthe story and removing the need to remember where they were or what they weredoing. Every episode will close with a nail-biting cliff-hanger ending to rattleplayers’ nerves and if the player is leaving the game a video teaser of thenext episode will play to leave them wanting more.Product Highlights Intense story:  Told in thrilling episodes with action plot twists and cliff-hangers. Exhilarating gameplay:  Block-buster action tense exploration dangerous driving vicious fights. Never G

Narrative intensity ¿ Taking its cues from blockbuster TV dramas, the story is told in a TV season style narrative structure based around episodes that deliver maximum intensity throughout and keep the player hooked.
A Captivating Story ¿ Centered in iconic Central Park long-time series protagonist and paranormal specialist Edward Carnby returns to delve into the frightening events occurring in the Big Apple.
Real World Rules ¿ In-Game movement has been designed to allow players to do almost anything that is physically possible in the real world.
Photographic Rendering ¿ Game developer Eden¿s Propriety ¿Twilight¿ technology creates a lavishly detailed game world with highly realistic and advanced cinematographic effects.

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