Dark Souls 2's anything-goes take on bleak fantasy makes for a wonderfully memorable world

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Many fervent Dark Souls fans have written off Dark Souls 2 as an accident. But, in the words of Bob Ross who’d no doubt look over Medula with a tear in his eye, the sun setting over an endless sea, bathing the ruins of a once proud civilisation in golden light: it’s a happy accident. 

Dark Souls 2 has all the ‘serious’ series staples, of course. There are ruined castles, dead kings, piles of lore implying terrible histories of avarice and sorrow. But in contrast with those expectations, Dark Souls 2 folds in endless absurdity, humour, and creativity, particularly in its boss design. This is a grim fantasy world, but it’s one that never takes itself too seriously, which is why I remember more of Dark Souls 2 beat-by-beat than any other game in the series. 

source: gamezpot.com

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