Presidential election results 2020

Philadelphia won’t have an updated number on mail-in ballots until 9 a.m. on Wednesday, said Lisa Deeley, head of the Philadelphia City Commissioners, which is a bipartisan board of elected officials in charge of elections and voter registration.

Election officials are waiting on in-person voting numbers to be reported by some individual precincts and ingested into their system before they can report the number of mail-in ballots, Deeley said. 

“That’s just the configuration of our system,” said Deeley, adding that it was a reporting issue, not mechanical.

The delay in in-person results from the field are slowing down the reports, particularly in West Philadelphia, Deeley said 

“We are counting, we have been counting, we are going to continue counting until it’s done,” Deeley said. “We’re just waiting for the rest of the in-person results to come in from voting machines.”

Another update with mail-in votes will come at 9 a.m., Deeley said.

As of 1:10 a.m. ET, with 1,598 of 1,703 divisions reporting, former Vice President Joe Biden has received 73.3% of the city’s votes, and President Trump has received 25.67% of the city’s vote.


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