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These are real reviews about (2-Pack) Privacy Screen Protector for 2019 iPhone 11 Pro Max / 2018 iPhone Xs MAX (Full-Coverage),Elecshion True 28° (Case… from customers who has bought this product that share their experiences so you can make the best buying decision.

This 2pack is great! Very easy install and comes with everything needed to I stall properly on the phone. Covers the entire screen and have had no issues with it holding up. I recommend this to all my friends and family.
These are by far the best screen protectors. I’ve used a few different brands because although it stated it would protect my screen when I dropped my phone the screen protector stayed in place unbroken but my phone screen cracked.
After having to replace two screen I’d about given up but tried this product. My gosh it was fantastic. I dropped my phone on tiled floor and was so afraid to pick up and turn over because I just knew my phone screen would be broken.
But to my surprise the screen protector cracked (see picture) but my phone screen was in prefect condition. Went ahead and ordered a few more packages.
Perfect for that person who does not like to incase their phone in an otterbox kind of phone protector. I would much rather crack a $3 screen protector then pay $100 to replace my phone screen This is an all “10” product.
I’m really picky so I was hoping this would work out and it’s amazing! Instructions were easy and had everything I needed to easily apply. I am 100% satisfied.
It fits perfect and works with my case no problems. If you are looking for one stop looking and buy this you won’t be disappointed.
One of the best screen protection I got it.Before purchase this, I returned 2 other company screen protector just bcoz they were not fully covered and do not provide the all installation material.
With this , they give one sticky sticker to remove dust one cleaning wipe one fabric to clean the screen.
Also provide the screen outer bodyguard to fix the protector exact in good place.I can use touch screen and face id easily without any problem.Very good quality , and life time warranty provided.Highly recommended screen protector if you are looking for.
I loveeeeee this screen protector. By far, the best one I’ve ever purchased online. Installation was very easy and fast. The product comes with lifetime warranty. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product.
Really amazing I love how it changes my phones view, I’m greatful that I got two of the screen protectors.
It was easy to install. Works well to keep apps private. Will purchase again for other phones.
This product is amazing. The installation is so easy and it brings a piece that makes the installation even easier. This package brings everything you will need and the final product is amazing.
I thought of purchasing this product based on the positive reviews, I installed one of them on the screen.Looks good and i was very happy with the perfect fit.I was about to write the review and this morning when i was in kitchen, my hands were wet.My ph was ringing and i put my hand in the pocket and ph got slipped with just 2Feet height from my side pocket to the floor.It fell on the wooden carpet and got cracked…lol seriously i was shocked to see what kind of worst quality they are made of.And to my fortune the 2nd protector that i replaced got small bubbles on it.I am sending an email, they promise to replace with a lifetime warranty on the box.I hope to get free replacement for this.Will update this review once i get a new pair of them.
Very well packaged. Easy to install and durable! Would definitely recommend and buy again.
I just installed. Easy application. Gives the privacy I was looking for. Attached are side views. This was done with a large lamp overhead and my screen at the normal brightness I use. Would order again if needed.
Just received the screen protectors 2 days ago. They are so easy to apply to your phone! No bubbles at all either! And instructions were very simple! So glad I ordered these!
I just installed this, and it only took a couple of minutes! The installation kit comes with a frame that helps you position the screen protector on to fit in the correct spot!
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