– Encased Galaxy S10 Belt Clip Case (2019 DuraClip) Slim Grip Cover w/Holster for Samsung S10 (Black)

Encased Galaxy S10 Belt Clip Case (2019 DuraClip) Slim Grip Cover w/Holster for Samsung S10 (Black)

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I realized a couple of months ago that my phone is now partially unprotected; the case is broken on the two lower corners (yes I realize that it is because I dropped the phone, but if a case is protecting the phone by self-destructing, then it is a one-time-use only… not good).
So now I have to replace it. Other than that, I just would like to know what to do for it to not to mess my belts!
If you prefer a holster type case this is the one for you! I have used the Encased holster belt clip for the last 2 phones and have loved it! My last one lasted 2 years and is still without issues.
The only reason I needed to replace it was that I ordered a new phone model. Previous, other brands would only last a few months before the clip or the case itself had broken.
I am very active with work and this case has taken many “hits:, it has stayed intact and has protected my phone. Encased is simplify the BEST holster type belt clip!
I got this case 3 days ago..This case is made of good material and very comfortable for me. I hope it will last a long time
Ive used it every day for a few weeks now with no issues. Its a little snug to get it out of the holster with one hand but I suppose its better that than it being loose where it can fall out by itself.
Im happy I got it as it is a great case with a built in kickstand for the money.
I blew through two similar (expensive) cases from the Verizon store in just a few months. Ive used this case for a month and love it. The grip does not have the same feel, but it is easy to hold and use once you get comfortable with the feel.
An absolute bonus is the case enters the belt clip from the top as it should. The Verizon case enters from the side and the swivel does not stay in place and is difficult to use when seated.
I have had Encased holster cases on my last three Samsung Galaxy phones and just got one for my S10. This case is thin but provides good protection. It also looks good.
I love having my phone on my side for quick access. The phone slides in and out with ease, yet it always feels secure when in the holster. Phone feels good in the hand with this case.
In fact, if I didnt have this case, Id probably drop the phone a lot. These Samsung phones are slippery. Ive never had an Encased product break, crack or fail in any way.
And theyve taken a few hits over the years. If you want a good, solid case and holster, I say go with Encased.
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Encased Galaxy S10 Belt Clip Case (2019 DuraClip) Slim Grip Cover w/Holster for Samsung S10 (Black)

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