How to clean a dog’s ears

Dogs ears are fluffy and adorable on the outside, but you need to pay attention to the inside to prevent infections. The main cause of ear problems in dogs are prevented by regular check-ups and cleaning. Using the advice of the RSPCA and Purina’s experts, explains how to keep a dog’s ears clean.

To keep your dog safe from ear infections, it’s helpful to be aware of the signs of an ear problem.

If your dog is shaking its head, scratching its ears excessively, rubbings its ears along the floor or furniture, or generally behaving in an unusual way, there might be a problem with their ears.

More obvious signs include thick brown or green waxy discharge, redness, swelling itchiness, or any unusual smells coming from the dog’s ears.

Problems with dogs’ ears can be distressing for the animal, and they may lose their balance or feel panicked.

Dogs with long L-shaped ear canals are particularly at risk because dirt and moisturise can get trapped more easily.

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When bathing your dog, avoid getting the dog’s ears, eyes, nose, and mouth wet.

Clean their general head area with a damp face cloth instead of a sponge to prevent this.

Put cotton balls in their ears while bathing them to prevent soap or shampoo from entering.

This will stop ear infections and further problems from arising.