A Place In The Sun: Danni Menzies makes couple cry amid disappointing end 'Not worth it!'

“There’s a few small cosmetic issues, but we could do them over time,” Neil commented and Julie added: “It’s going to be hard to beat.” 

The third property they viewed was in a different village, and this left the couple uneasy: “I’m not so sure about the location,” Neil revealed and Julie continued: “It’s got a different feel to the village.” 

But the vast space inside the house impressed Julie immensely, however, the roof terrace left them disappointed when the view was cut off by a wall. 

Nevertheless, Danni delivered with property four and left Julie in tears. 

It was a one-bed cottage, with a “decent living room which has space for a pull-out sofa” and for £71,000, it offered a glorious view of the mountains and sea. 

source: express.co.uk