Michelle Ackerley addresses Hillary Clinton's The One Show interview: 'Feel guilty'

Michelle Ackerley has often stood in for The One Show host Alex Jones and still fronts the show on various occasions. The presenter spoke candidly about the second time Hillary Clinton returned to the BBC programme in 2019.

The former First Lady of the United States appeared live in the BBC studios where she chatted with Michelle and her co-host Amol Rajan.

Michelle explained it was one of the biggest interviews she had conducted but admittedly had a moment of “guilt”.

The small-screen star praised Hillary as “lovely” but the presenter revealed she was under the watchful eyes of the politician’s security team.

“It’s such a slick operation on The One Show and there are no real major mishaps,” Michelle explained.

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Michelle recalled the time Hillary had appeared on The One Show back in 2017 and the production team were glad to see the 2016 US Presidential candidate return to the show two years later.

The Loose Women host commented: “I think the previous time when [Hillary] came in – because that was her second appearance – I think there had been some kind of flood in the studio or something.

“So I think the production team was so glad that she came back. They wanted to make sure that everything went completely smoothly.”

Michelle continued: “I remember being really nervous about that but then actually going to see Hillary in the green room before the show, she was just so lovely.

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source: express.co.uk