– Encased Galaxy Note 10 Plus Belt Clip Case (2019 DuraClip) Ultra Slim Cover with Holster, Matte Black (Samsung Note 10+)

Encased Galaxy Note 10 Plus Belt Clip Case (2019 DuraClip) Ultra Slim Cover with Holster, Matte Black (Samsung Note 10+)

a quick release system can be added to the holster if you so choose. you probably spent a lot of time and effort deciding what gun to carry and we’d encourage you to take the same approach when choosing a holster..
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once the loop pad is in place the high life-cycle velcro brand hook 88 and loop 1000 will remain perfectly useable in temperatures of up to 230°f and through thousands of holster removals… the ulticlip used on all hawg holsters lets me carry the holster securely with or without a belt and makes it safe and simple to put the holster on or take it off. the rapid force police holster is engineered with all of that input in mind creating a holster with more intuitive action retention devices with no loss in security along with the configurability to accommodate the need of almost any officer in the line of duty.

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Love their cases. I would have gave them 5 stars except for the fact that this case for the Note 10+ does not fit very well when you try to put the case in the holster backwards.
You can file down the 4 corner tabs on the case, then it fits better. All of the other cases I have purchased from them have worked flawlessly in this position.
Im that guy that always modifies cases to fit my needs. I usually cut the holster clip off and buff it down flat then put a pop-socket over it so it slips into a pocket with great protection for front and back.
When I take it out of my pocket, I simply reverse the phone in the holster, pop out the socket and use them together, to use the camera simply dont slide them all the way together.
Ive even contacted the seller and asked them to make this product this way so I dont have to modify it but they said their facility wasnt setup for this.
Nice case. Not bulky. Works on my wireless charger. Kickstand works well portrait and landscape. BUT it has unintentionally unclipped from my belt a couple of times.
It did protect the phone well when it hit the floor bit a chip broke off the corner of the case:( I added an elastic strap so that it cant unclip from my belt again.
Does the trick – my brother loves it!
I’ve had this same case and holster for the last 3 Note phones. They are durable and work great for me. Good fit and quality.
The holster clip seems to be strong. The sleeve containing the phone holds the phone tightly and slides into the holster well. Its certainly not going to fall out!
The sleeve also makes it a bit easier not to accidentally press the on/off switch. So far, this is a great product!
I have dropped my phone 3 times and the phone was not damaged and neither was the case. It sleek and smooth and I love the kick stand feature on the phone case and the holster
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Encased Galaxy Note 10 Plus Belt Clip Case (2019 DuraClip) Ultra Slim Cover with Holster, Matte Black (Samsung Note 10+)

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