James Haskell, 35, has been married to Chloe Madeley since 2018. In his new book What a Flanker, he detailed a moment he opted to wear his mother-in-law Judy Finnigan’s outfit on a boozy cruise on the River Thames with pals and a stripper.The former I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! contestant said the stripper exposed too much in front of families who were on the upper deck of the same boat.

He added he “lost control” after consuming too much alcohol.

James explained: “It was a steaming hot, early summer’s day and people were starting to recognise me, despite or, more likely, because of the fact I looked like that bearded Austrian woman who won Eurovision [Conchita Wurst].

“The dress I was wearing actually belonged to my now wife’s mum.”

James went on to say the stripper had her chest out on board at one point, adding: “Disgusted mums are clasping hands over children’s eyes.

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“I’m shouting, ‘Lads! You’ve not thought this through! Get her below deck!

“And she’s clinging to the nearest passerby. When I say ‘she’, I mean me.

“Because I’m standing on a boat in a wig and a dress, a woman for the day.”

James, a former Wasps and England rugby player, began dating personal trainer Chloe in 2014 and they married four years later in December.

The couple are no strangers to opening up about their relationship in interviews.

Ahead of their wedding day, the personal trainer candidly discussed the pair’s sex life in a candid admission.

She admitted she would “struggle” if she was in a relationship which wasn’t “very sexual” as she revealed how the pair keep things “interesting”.

Chloe told The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine: “I’m a really sexual person, and if I had a partner who didn’t want to have a very sexual relationship then that would be a problem for me.

“So thank God it is massive for James. One of the reasons we stuck together in the early days before we were totally committed was because we were very compatible.

“Our sex life is continually changing as our relationship grows, so it stays interesting.”

Elsewhere, after the pair tied the knot, Chloe revealed how her television presenter dad almost ruined her big day.

Speaking on Lorraine, she said: “We had a moment in the hotel room before we left but in the car I was watching the Sat Nav time go down and down and we were getting closer and closer to the church.

“I was getting really nervous and he started taking about Brexit and I was like, ‘I’m trying to take my mind off it but you’re making me more angry!'”

She added: “I would have upped the Christmas theme if I could have!

“It was incredible, we couldn’t do the big big wedding for a while because there was so much happening, but James proposed and we really wanted to get married.

“He’s quite traditional and he wanted to do it in a church and we just thought Christmas is the most magical time to do it and it just was.”

source: express.co.uk


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