Xbox VR Might Be Coming, Suggests Microsoft Flight Simulator Files

RonsonPL26m ago

Well, it will be a though call with Xbox SS (series S, SS, hitler edition, so Hitbox maybe? 😉 with it having just 220GB/s memory and just 32ROP and 80TMUs at just 1,5GHz. That’s waaaay too less for any decent VR experience.
And then there’s rumored cloud based SKU where latency would kill VR even more.


Do you guys remember what MS said about VR on Xone X? They’ve said “Xone X will have exclusive games, VR will not be available on Xone S but only on Xone X”

Then Spencer said they’ve changed their minds and abandoned the idea of VR entirely.
But maybe that was a smoke screen and there was some truth in that statement from a few years ago? They surely see the low price of Quest 2, they surely see what Alyx shown in terms of enthusiasm towards VR gaming. Maybe they changed their minds? I surely do hope so. I just hope they won’t go into any stupid cooperation like joining Facebook in this field. I don’t want any Facebook crap in my VR.