Bachelorette Star Dale Moss Once Modeled Halloween Costumes for Party City

As the world waits to hear about Bachelorette Clare Crawley and contestant Dale Moss‘ future, it’s time to dive into his past. 

The former NFL free agent turned to modeling after the end of his athletic career. It turns out we may have seen his modeling work before while shopping for all things spooky. According to TMZ, Dale was a model for Halloween costumes at party supply chain Party City.

The costumes, which you can also find here, are pretty perfect. In one, Dale wears a superman costume, complete with faux muscles. In another, he plays the role of a taco, alongside a dog in a matching outfit. Lastly, Dale is also the face behind a Roman Centurion costume. 

Dale also posed for other Party City products, as uncovered on Twitter. The ABC star was also spotted on the cover of a bag of photo props. 

So far, the other guys on the show haven’t figured out that Dale is the man behind what quite possibly was one of their Halloween costumes.