Donald Trump voters are being made shy by the “very fearful campaign environment” of the US election 2020, according to the Chair of Republicans Overseas. Sarah Elliot spoke to talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer about a potential “surprising” upset on election night. Currently Democratic candidate Joe Biden is leading the incumbent President in the national polls.

Ms Hartley-Brewer said: “The polls still say it’s a slam dunk for Joe Biden.

“But I keep meeting so many people and seeing a lot of people online who still think that there’ll be a lot of shy Trump voters out there.

“It could be an awful lot closer and could even be a Trump victory. What do you think?”

Ms Elliot confirmed that she “completely agreed” and went on to explain.

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She told talkRADIO: “I think there are more shy Trump voters this time than last time.

“The consequences of coming out in support of Trump are much greater because of the cancel culture.

“People don’t want to get doxxed online or lose their jobs and livelihoods.

“It’s a very fearful campaign environment right now in the US.”

The 2020 election is scheduled for November 3 in less than two weeks.

President Trump and Mr Biden held their second and final live TV debate this week.

Although Mr Biden has a solid lead, the margin is narrower in a handful of states that could decide the race either way.

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also had a clear lead over President Trump in the polls for almost the entire 2016 campaign.

However, she ended up losing in the electoral college.



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