UFO sighting: Experts expose hoax footage of 'white disk' UFO filmed over South Korea

The bizarre UFO anomaly was filmed earlier this month by an alleged eyewitness in South Korea. The video appears to show a white disk with a domed top hovering over a mountain range. A man can be heard talking in Korean and the UFO was supposedly brought forward by a bout of meditation.

The original clip has since been removed from YouTube but it was re-uploaded this week by UFO researcher and conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring.

Mr Waring is a popular promoter of supposed extraterrestrial phenomena who believes aliens are hiding among us.

He took to his blog UFO Sightings Daily to discuss the South Korea video, branding it exquisite proof of his bizarre theories.

He said: “This is absolutely fantastic! A person in South Korea uses his meditation skills to summon UFOs to him and this time he does it to show his best friend (his dog… so cute) that they are real.

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“I have tried meditation (mentally calling aliens) and it worked the first time with an orb coming two metres from my face (camera on tripod focused opposite direction so missed it), but on no other occasions did it work for me.

“This is 100 percent proof that sending telepathic messages to UFOs and aliens works!

“Mentally calling a UFO with kind and thoughtful thoughts… works.”

And the re-uploaded video gained some traction on YouTube as it was praised by some of Mr Waring’s followers.

One person said: “Looks just like the one that landed by the California wind farm.

The ufoofinterest.org Twitter account tweeted yesterday: “A hoax channel published a video claiming some alleged UFOs filmed in South Korea, Dubai and Rome (Italy) was the same object taken by different witnesses.

“Nope, they used the same iOS App named ‘UFO Video Camera’ as I exposed in my latest YouTube video.”

In his video, Mr Brando stabilised the Korean video, exposing a strong jitter in the supposed UFO.

He said in the video: “Many hoax promoters shared two videos of alleged UFO sightings filmed in Korea a few days ago.

“Here’s what happens after stabilising those videos of alleged UFOs.

“What you’ve just seen is a bad motion tracking. This tells us those are just two fake videos.”

The UFO Video Camera app is branded an “augmented reality movie maker” that can impose alien objects onto real-time video footage.

The app description on the Apple App Store reads: “This app creates ultra-realistic UFO effects that appear as if they are really in the sky.

“UFO effects include: Fleet, Birther, Vortex, Exploding Moon, Triangular UFO Lights, Eclipse and more! There are UFO effects that work great in daylight and others in a night sky.”

source: express.co.uk

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